Denise Gaeta

President, iv3 Solutions

Denise Gaeta is the President of iv3, with 3 years under her belt in iv3 and 17 years of experience in the insurance and inspection industry. She knows that being transparent and honest with her customers allows her to protect people and prevent losses. Denise spends time keeping up to date with the constant changes in the business by ensuring we remain innovative, proactive, and forward thinking as a whole. She believes in being organized and reliable to her customers and her team, and does not believe in overpromising and under delivering.

A straight shooter certified in RIBO and CRM, Denise brings her natural desire to protect and help to work with her. She loves that the insurance industry represents peace of mind for her customers. The industry is fast paced and full of constant change, and she enjoys rising to meet any and all challenges.

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