Jonathan La Greca

Founder and Mindfulness Facilitator, GentleMind

After leading high performing teams across 5 different industries over the last 15 years, Jonathan La Greca recognized that regardless of the industry or the organization, stress and anxiety are pervasive and have a significant impact on focus, performance, and well-being.

Having improved his own professional and personal performance by studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation over the past 15 years, Jonathan launched GentleMind ( in 2014 to help others uncover ways to leverage mindfulness to improve their lives. Some of GentleMind’s clients include Samsung, Travelzoo, Scotiabank, Astra Zeneca, Medcan, World Wildlife Foundation, and Sonnet Insurance.

Jonathan hopes his 30-minute introduction to mindfulness workshop will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and restored, while also leaving you with some ideas and inspiration to use simple mindfulness exercises to help improve your personal and professional life.

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