Brett Boadway

Chief Operating Officer, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

Brett Boadway is the Chief Operating Officer of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO), a leading industry association servicing over 14,000 insurance brokers across the province. She has an active presence with member insurance brokers, insurers and supporting vendors throughout Ontario. Brett is passionate about consumer interests and collaborative industry projects.

After graduating with a Business Degree from the University of Western in London (Ontario), Brett landed a position at The Dominion, now known as Travelers Canada. Since joining the IBAO in 2013, Brett has acted as the Director of Broker Relations & Communications, Director of Operations and in 2019 was appointed the Chief Operating Officer. Brett now oversees membership, education, internal IT systems, human resources and general broker and industry engagement efforts.

Brett lives in Toronto with her husband and three year old twin daughters.