September 09, 2020 | Arcadian Court

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:55 am

Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

Vinita Jajware

President , Toronto Insurance Women's Association

9:00 am

Keynote: Learn to Lead with Confidence and Male Allyship

Do you find yourself apologizing for no reason? Are you a perfectionist or people-pleaser? Tired of saying “yes” to everyone else’s demands of your time? Do you feel like your confidence is perceived as cockiness? Are you wondering how men can be part of the solution too?

  • Why women over apologize and how we can switch out “apology-lingo” for leadership-lingo
  • What we can learn from the differences between how men and women handle success and failure
  • Unlocking the power in creating a support network with male and female allies
  • How to deal with failures so you don’t internalize them

Professor Maja

Sociologist, Author & Confidence-researcher , Professor Maja Inc.

9:45 am

Networking 101

We can all have a conversation, but how do you build meaningful, productive connections? In this session, you will learn about the art of listening and key tools you can implement to enrich both business and personal interactions. You will even have an opportunity to practice in a time of guided networking following the session.

  • Understanding the value of networking
  • What questions should you ask to build connections?
  • Tips for appropriately exchanging information
  • How do you go beyond a conversation and grow a relationship?
  • How does networking look different in each stage of your career?

Carol Mills

President, Canadian Region , HUB International

10:10 am

Morning Refreshments & Guided Networking

10:50 am

Panel: Taking A Risk – How do you Further Your Career

It’s natural to want to stay in your comfort zone, but is fear preventing you from moving up or trying something new? Taking a risk can look different depending on where you are in your career; however it’s necessary for both organizations and individuals looking to stay relevant and thrive. Explore how top leaders in the industry have navigated risks in their career, and beyond insurance – what you can do once you’ve “hit the top.”

  • Steps to manage risks and get out of your comfort zone
  • What can you do next to challenge yourself and grow as a leader?
  • Using your talents to be heard: write a book, serve on a board, start a committee and beyond
  • How to excel in your current position while remaining open to opportunities


Jill Fratpietro

Senior Account Executive, Employee Benefits , Canada Life


Asima Zahid

Executive, National Distribution and Market Conduct , Lloyd's Canada Inc.

Mark Morency

Senior Vice President, Financial Institutions Practice Leader , Gallagher

Linda Regner Dykeman

Chief Agent of Canada , Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

11:35 am

Know Your Personal Brand

Developing a strong personal brand is essential to developing as a leader. Are you consistently living your personal brand every day? What does it have to do with a successful career? This session will navigate the power of knowing your personal brand and tools for using it to grow and impact others as you lead in the workplace.

  • How do I know my personal brand?
  • Tools to articulate your personal brand at work
  • Serving others vs. self-promotion
  • Advice for continuing to develop your identity as a leader

Lynn Oldfield

President and CEO , AIG Canada

12:15 pm

Awards Luncheon

Be a part of promoting positive change in the insurance sector, encouraging more women to enter the industry and to take leadership roles, and making insurance a more empowering and rewarding field for women to work in.
Nominations are now open for three award categories open to female insurance professionals and executives, and the teams and organizations that they run. Submit your entries before nominations close on March 27, 2020— it only takes 2 minutes!

Learn more Nominate

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1:05 pm

Panel: How to Build A Successful Mentorship

Studies show that strong mentor relationships can increase opportunities in the workplace, impacting promotions, pay raises and overall career success. From a business standpoint, companies that support mentoring show higher levels of employee loyalty, engagement and initiative. But how do you get paired with the right mentor? And as a mentor, will having a mentee actually benefit you? This panel will feature key mentors and their mentees as they share best practices & lessons learned –professionally and personally.

  • The process for finding the right mentor/mentee: do’s and don’ts
  • Dedication & time: is it worth it?
  • Biggest topics discussed monthly
  • Advice and biggest takeaways for mentees/mentors
  • How to create and promote opportunities for cross-generational, diverse mentoring


Marc Lipman

Chief Operating Officer , AIG Insurance Company Officer of Canada


Karen Mican

Senior Vice President, Claims , RSA

Sarah Hewitt

Director - Claims Optimization , RSA

1:50 pm

Approaching LinkedIn with a Strategy and the Gift of Social Reciprocity

With increasing technology, no matter what your role is, there is an expectation to stay current and have an online presence definitely on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is rapidly influencing the face of the insurance industry, not just from a business perspective but also from a personal development standpoint. This session will examine how you can use LinkedIn to build your brand, develop powerful relationships, and how to really stand out from the competition.

  • How to develop your LinkedIn professional career story as a vehicle for new opportunities
  • Tips for attracting valuable professional interactions
  • Advice for setting boundaries between LinkedIn (social media) and your work
  • The importance of Social Reciprocity to earn trust
  • How to gain credibility through thought leadership

Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn Trainer & President , Linked-Express

2:20 pm

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break

2:40 pm

Panel: What’s Next for D&I?

In a very unique, transitioning insurance market, few would argue against the need for increased diversity in leadership. But how can we move this conversation forward? In an effort to build an authentically inclusive workplace, senior leaders will analyze the current status of the industry and how to advance D&I from discussion into action.

  • Gender balance and the talent gap: Trends in the industry today
  • What can we learn from the next generation’s approach to D&I?
  • The business value of diversity
  • Advice for how you can help support D&I in your workplace
  • Innovation – where are we going in 2020?


Erin Gattoni

Vice President, Human Resources , CNA


Alice Keung

Chief Transformation Officer , Economical Insurance

Jonathan Weekes

Vice President , Marsh Canada Limited

Marija Curkovic

Head of Business Solutions Canada, Non-Life , Munich Re

Heather Masterson

President and CEO , Travelers

3:25 pm

Closing Remarks from Chairperson

Vinita Jajware

President , Toronto Insurance Women's Association

3:30 pm

Networking Reception

Following the conference, we will be moving to the upscale Drake One Fifty, where we invite you to join us for an exclusive networking and drinks reception. Continue the conversation and share your takeaways from the day at one of the best bars and restaurants in downtown Toronto, as listed by Toronto Life Magazine. Drake One Fifty is just one block from the conference venue. Enjoy canapes and cocktails from 3:30PM-5:30PM.

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